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Keep Newgrouns Games

2008-04-16 02:46:52 by d-parrella

Did anyone know that you could copy some Newgrounds movies and games from your temporary internet files?

Simply go to Local Disk

Documents and Settings

(Your computer name account) mine is 'Owner'

Go to tools, folder options and click show hidden files

Go to local Settings

And temporary internet files

Sort by last accessed and find the flash that you just downloaded. :)

Or Just use internet explorer, go to tools, Under browsing history click settings and finally click view files and sort by last accessed.

So far some flash files have not worked:

Disorderly - Game
Indestructotank 2? - Game

Have fun


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2008-04-16 03:32:32

i have an swf catcher so i can get ALL games :P


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